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I checked and lists thirty-two copies for sale, starting at US$7.00 on up quite a bit.  One posting, by Hodgepodge Books in Port Jefferson Station, NY, says in part "Profusely illustrated in full color. This is a marvelous book of wonderful and wonderous works of folk art, including doors, quilts, sculpture, etc."

The listing by Cellar Stories Bookstore of Providence, RI goes quite a bit further:  "The folk art of fashion: San Francisco Bay area artists and their creations. Embroidery, macrame, patchwork (leather and textiles), rock and drag fashion, jewelry, ceramics, and more. Embroidery as talisman; psychedelic drugs and imagery; shaman's outfits; "warm and lumpy" capes; shoes made by Apple Cobbler; Pristine of Paula Pucker and the Pioneers; Alex and Lee; Karen Warford's devil dolls; rya rugs; Mary Ann Schilderkent, taught to embroider by nuns while imprisoned for hashish smuggling, and her embroidered shirt ("..the hole in the other sleeve is for a transfusion if I ever need one, the peacock on the back is because we need animals, and the psychedelic sleeve because I didn't want to think"), a brown-rice-sack vest, and a macrame park for children."

Great Books on Main in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada quotes the author's note:  ,"Many of us have hungered for a cultural identity strong enough to produce our own versions of the native costumes of Afghanistan or Guatemala, for a community life rich enough for us to need our own totems comparable to African or Native American masks and ritual objects. The native funk and flash in this book tell us something of that hunger and what we are doing to fill it, as well as something of the meaning of those artifacts from other places and times."

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