HNW - 15th/16th c. embroidery

Karen karen_larsdatter at
Wed Mar 21 10:35:29 PST 2001

Avien wrote:

> Basically, I was hoping someone could recommend books or other
> sources for historically accurate embroidery [for late 15th
> century through early 16th century].  I know blackwork was used
> but after reading some of the recent messages, I think the books
> I ordered won't work.

These books are slightly later-period than what you've indicated, but I
think you will find them helpful anyway (in terms of embroidery for
16th century garments):
"Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd," by Janet Arnold
"Elizabethan Embroidery" by George Wingfield Digby
"Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery" by John L. Nevinson

Some potentially useful books on blackwork embroidery:
"German Renaissance Patterns for Embroidery: A Facsimile Copy of
Nicholas Bassée's New Modelbuch"
"Blackwork Embroidery" by Elisabeth Geddes & Moyra McNeill
"Blackwork" by Mary Gostelow
"Blackwork Embroidery: Design & Technique" by Margaret Pascoe
"The New Carolingian Modelbook" by Kim Brody Salazar


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