HNW - Where to find Funk and Flash

CarolynKayta Barrows kayta at
Wed Mar 21 10:29:22 PST 2001

>I've been off the list abit, just what is 'Funk and Flash' ??

It's a book from 1974 about Hippie folk needlework, and some folk crafts.
It's a great reference if you care about that period.  It also points out
the diversity of minds within that general culture/time period.

>shoes made by Apple Cobbler

Not too many years ago, at a flea market, I saw a pair of boots which
looked like someone like Apple Cobbler had made them.  I asked the price,
which was too high for me, and started talking to the guy in the booth,
hoping to find an angle from which to begin bargaining the price down.  We
got to talking about Hippie needlecrafts, and he said he'd made the boots
himself.  I asked him if he knew the name Apple Cobbler, and it turned out
he WAS Apple Cobbler.  I had sort-of recognized his face from the picture
in the book.  Anyway, the price came in half because I recognized him.  I
would have regretted not buying the boots if I hadn't done so somehow, even
if I hadn't known who made them.
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