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Ronnie ronna at
Wed Mar 21 11:27:01 PST 2001

>interested in learning how to do tablet weaving - but only the kind 
>where pictures, letters, etc., are created - dark and light 
>patterning?  I've spun a ton of silk, and would like to do something 
>I think I need to see a pattern - with instructions - where pictures 
>and or letters appear. If I can do it once with a pattern, I think 
>I'll have it.

And Nic offered: 
>There is a book called Eccleisiastic Pomp (or something like that - someone
borrowed my copy) that has lots of these kinds of patterns.  The author is 
Nancy Spies.  I can forward your request to her and she can tell you where 
to get a copy.

_Step By Step Tablet Weaving_, Marjorie and William Snow, 1973, is probably
out of print, but has some very good pictures and directions.
Ecclesiastical Pomp Aristocratic Circumstance, Nancy Spies, 2000, ISBN
0-615-11861-7.  Terrific reference for history, techniques, patterns, --
even brocades and twills!

I believe the "designs" you're wanting to create are pretty much advanced,
better to tackle when one figures out what turns produce what precise
additions to the patterns; the peculiarities of multiple-card,
multiple-direction weaves; the double chevrons and full-pattern additions;
and most sincerely, how to unweave and still find and follow your patterns
through unweaving and picking up the pattern from there.

That said, here's the best pointer I can offer: do A and B one color and C
and D a contrasting color throughout the set you want to use for the
lettering and/or patterning.  It takes some advance planning, but with some
unweaving, patience and practice, if you've a knack for tedium you'll get to
where you can create block designs similar to cross stitch.  This is the
foundation for the more flowing designs of the ancient masters.
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