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Wed Mar 21 18:41:15 PST 2001

I've got three books that I like - 

The Techniques of Tablet Weaving, Peter Collingwood, ISBN 1566590558 -
This is my bible for tablet weaving, and has given me many
hours/days/weeks of inspiration and instruction.  I did my first
double-faced tablet weaving using the instructions in this book.  I made
a favor with my device on it for my husband, and he loves it so much, he
won't let me take it back so I can redo it, now that my technique is

Double-Faced Tablet Weaving: 50 Designs from Around the World by Linda
Hendrickson, 1996.  I got this at The Weaving Works in Seattle, but I
think there are link's to Linda Hendrickson's web pages from the TWIST
page previously sited (a second thumbs up for that site as well)!  The
book doesn't have much in the reference department, but the designs are

If you're interested in reproductions of Norse turning patterns, try
Egon Hansen's "Tablet Weaving - History. Techniques. Colours.
Patterns.", Hovedland Publishers (Denmark) 1990.  ISBN 87-7739-047-4. 
He runs quickly through basic technique, and then surveys archeological
materials, and then gives you the patterns (and pictures!) for the
reproductions of the archeological finds that he made for a museum
exhibition.  His patterns are tough to follow, but I've done a couple of
the simpler bands.  The designs and suggested materials follow the

I've got Nancy's book on order, and can't wait.  As soon as I finish the
current projects (one warped and ready to go, one still in the "projects
planned" book), I intend to start dabbling in brocaded effects.  I've
heard her book is _very_ good, from someone that can be very picky about

Have fun!

 - Anne
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