HNW - The New Carolingian Modelbook

Kim Salazar kbsalazar at
Thu Mar 22 03:25:07 PST 2001

Chris Lansing asked about where to find The New Carolingian Modelbook.

As I've posted before, the publisher has disappeared - leaving most 
retailers without a source for more copies, and me without royalties since 
1996.  (If anyone has had a recent contact with the Goffs or with Outlaw 
Press, I'd appreciate a note off-list).

That being said, copies have recently surfaced on the search engines at and at

I don't know if those copies are still available, but they are the best 
leads I have.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Kim Salazar
(in the SCA - Ianthe d'Averoigne)
kbsalazar at

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