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At 6:05 PM -0800 3/21/01, Karen wrote to me:
>Brief reply to long message ... umm ... original author said "I'm
>looking at late 15th and early 16th c." ... and if that is the case ...
>Elizabethan is a wee bit later than what she's looking for ... :)

Not if she meant what she said, true. I read it hastily and responded 
with what I know best.

Let's see, now, maybe I can pull off that trick I learned from my 
cats: "I MEANT to do that...." <g>

Ummmm.... try this one: she did say they were RenFaire costumes, and 
while not all Faires are Elizabethan, I assumed that as a relative 
beginner, she might well be one of the many of us who say "late 15th 
and early 16th centuries" when they actually mean "late 1500s and 
early 1600s" . . .

It also pushed one of my "buttons" -- I see entirely too many people 
who assume that outer garments in ALL periods had wreaths of flowers 
embroidered around the necklines, cute animals from furniture 
cushions romping around on the sleeves, etc. Furniture is NOT people!

Let me just wipe the egg off my face now <big grin>...
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