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  And don't forget that, according to Renn Faire-isms at least, all Irish
and Scots persons went around with big Book of Kells knotwork panels worked
on their clothing - despite the fact that not a single period illustration
shows anything of the kind...<G>
    By all evidence, some period clothing just wasn't embroidered.
There might be bands of contrasting fabric or some other decoration, but you
have to use what fits - a 16th-century scrolling floral just doesn't look
right around the neck of an 11th century Norman gown....


> Ummmm.... try this one: she did say they were RenFaire costumes, and
> while not all Faires are Elizabethan, I assumed that as a relative
> beginner, she might well be one of the many of us who say "late 15th
> and early 16th centuries" when they actually mean "late 1500s and
> early 1600s" . . .
> It also pushed one of my "buttons" -- I see entirely too many people
> who assume that outer garments in ALL periods had wreaths of flowers
> embroidered around the necklines, cute animals from furniture
> cushions romping around on the sleeves, etc. Furniture is NOT people!
> Let me just wipe the egg off my face now <big grin>...
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