HNW - 15th/16th c. embroidery

Avien Avien-Diora at
Thu Mar 22 17:07:48 PST 2001

I did actually mean the late 1400s and early 1500s, I thought about it for
awhile before typing it out to make sure it was right. =) The RenFest I go
to is mainly Elizabethan but it's not just one year or decade.  Costumes
really vary and I'm just doing it for fun.  I've tried to find out about
what year they base it on, but they just say anything goes.  Which is
definitely true from what I've seen.  =)

I can't convince my husband to wear a codpiece =) and the costume he has
agreed to is around 1480.  I'm awful with the names for everything, I just
can't remember precise definitions and people's definitions seem to
conflict.  It's basically a long pleated robe that should be done in a
patterned fabric.  However, I was lucky that I could even find some silk in
my area to special order (and it took a year to find), locating a patterned
fabric is impossible much less in the right color.  I was hoping that I
would be able to embroider a pattern onto the fabric so it would look like a
patterned fabric.  

I was a costume design major, actually it was a Humanities major with an
emphasis in theatre costume design...would you like some fries with that? 
Anyway, all we did was look at pictures to get the silhouette and essence of
a period.  I can design, draft, and sew this costume together and it will
look good, but without the trims and detail work, it still won't look
period.  I can't find clear enough pictures to know exactly what I am
supposed to do.  I had a few books come in but most of them are still later
than what I was hoping for.  Maybe I will just change the costumes to be

I write too much.  Bad Avien.  *slaps wrist*  =)

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