HNW - Embroidered Cabinet

Dorothy & Lou dotlou at
Wed Mar 21 17:45:55 PST 2001

I work nights and have into the habit of turning on BBC America for
Antiques Roadshow(the British version) followed by Ground Force &
Charlie's Garden Army.  Mostly it's background....BUT

Monday?Tuesday show(always confused on which day with nighs!) towards
the end  was one of the Elizabethian/Stuart Embroidered/Stumpwork
Cabinets. Of course I didn't see the beginning, don't know which show,
didn't have a blank tape in the VCR...and to the best of my knowledge
the camera did notshow all four sides and top view..but what it showed
was classic, the key was still with the cabinet.  Drooling!!

Value $25-33,000 US Dollars

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