HNW - Needle and fiber riddles?

Liz / Cozit cozit at
Fri Mar 23 12:14:17 PST 2001

I thought that if I was lucky this group might be able to help me come up with a
list of riddles that wouldn't sound out of place in King Henry VIII's time.  I
had a list started last year, with 4 riddles from that period, or w/in a hundred
years or so... but as usual, I didn't get them on the computer, and they were in
that notebook I lost last fall :-(

Does anyone out there have any riddles or jokes... even just double-entendres
(however that's spelled) that have to do with needles, thread, weaving, spinning,
sewing, etc.?

I promise to keep them in a file that I'll e-mail to the list a week or so after
I stop getting any.

Oh... and in case you're wondering, I'm looking for two reasons.  One is my
original reason of just being curious (as always).  The other is that I "play" a
waiting woman (ok, so the program says lady-in-waiting, but that's another minor
rant) at the Maryland Ren. Festival.... and am continuing my search of things I
can add to that character.

Which reminds me... if anyone has any really good suggestions for historical
needlework demos (SCA, renn-faire, or any other period that might be translated
to around King Henry's reign) I'd appreciate that too... I've ideas, but still
trying to improve on what I was doing last year.

Thanks to any who can spare an amusing (or interesting) line or two!

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