HNW - 15th/16th c. embroidery

Sue Clemenger mooncat at
Sat Mar 24 06:37:28 PST 2001

It, like everything else <g>, probably depends on where you put it...and
the patterns, etc., that are followed.  I don't recall seeing much
cross-stitchy stuff on outer garments, but it is used on at least one
extant shirt that I know of (a blue, linear design).

CarolynKayta Barrows wrote:
> >I would not put cross stitch decoration on your
> >costumes,
> I, on the other hand, would.  It's very German Ren., and so is half my
> pre-1600 wardrobe.  Any embroidery you pick will depend on what country and
> decade you are doing.  The Germans did some things differently from, and
> some things the same as, the English did, and the Spanish did some things
> nobody else did.  And so on.
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