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Kim Salazar kbsalazar at
Sun Mar 25 06:21:43 PST 2001

I know it's far from being X-Rated, but I did once raise a few eyebrows 
over an embroidery some considered to be a tad shameless.

I had done a panel featuring the last pattern in "The New Carolingian 
Modelbook".  This pattern shows winged undines - bare breasted as those 
mermaids are usually illustrated.

I submitted the finished panel to the annual embroidery exhibition at 
Woodlawn Plantation in Mount Vernon, VA.  Woodlawn is part of an estate 
once owned by George Washington and his family, and each year sponsors a 
wonderful juried exhibition of the needle arts.  The judging panel is 
composed of notables from the world of textile and embroidery scholarship, 
and VIPs and staff involved in the various volunteer efforts associated 
with various Mount Vernon historic and preservation societies.

My mermaid panel did indeed win an "honorable mention," but it must have 
aroused extreme comment because it was hung waaaayyyyy up at the top of a 
10-foot wall, well beyond any distance which would have allowed people to 
see the meticulous double running stitch work.  More amusingly, the prize 
ribbon pinned was affixed so that it "fig-leafed" the bosom areas of the 
offending mermaids.

So I guess I am an offender in that I promulgate R-rated embroideries and 
insist on showing them in G-rated venues.  [grin]

Kim Salazar
kbsalazar at

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