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<< True, or we just haven't found anything like that embroidered. We know they
 did woodcuts that were extremely graphic. I'm a firm believer that just
 because we haven't found it doesn't necessarily mean they didn't think about
 it. I have enlarged the drawing and plan to embroider it. It really doesn't
 show anything so I guess depending on your point of view it is X-rated or
 PG-13. I'm sure it will tick someone off, but I plan to have it framed and
 hanging in my home or as a banner. >>

There's actually some in the Bayeux Tapestry - I forget where, but on the 
bottom somewhere there's two figures merrily going at it.  Pretty 
graphically, too, as I recall.  Of course, it's narrative embroidery, so more 
like a manuscript, but it's definately there.

'Dux femina facti"
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