HNW - RE: Possible Book Source

Eirny Thorvaldsdottir Eirny at
Mon Mar 26 09:45:34 PST 2001

On one of my other lists there has been a discussion about a small
publishing company that is LOOKING for out of print books that researchers
would like to see back in print. The Company is Blackburn Press and their
url is <>  We should probably see if they would be
interested in some of the books that we need for our work. To quote their
                    "Blackburn Press is a new publishing company, though
                     with a collective wealth of publishing experience,
                     concentrating in scientific, medical and technical
                     publishing. We are dedicated to keeping in print and
                     available for purchase scientific and technical book
                     which large publishers have lost interest in and have
                     declared "out-of-print." For large publishers, the sales
                     volume required to justify keeping a book in print is
                     much larger than a smaller company needs to achieve.
                     Most of all we love books and want to see them

                     We are not well positioned to bring every out-of-print
                     book back into production, but are eager to hear from
                     you. If you are an author whose book is out of print
or you
                     are aware of an out of print book which has value and
                     should be returned to print, we would like to hear from

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