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Mon Mar 26 14:56:45 PST 2001

Chris Laning wrote:

OK, for what it's worth, here's some of what I've learned in a couple
of years of doing needlework demos at a renn faire.

Good tips Chris.

I took part several years in a row in a Living History display the SCA did at a
local Medieval Fair when I lived in Adelaide, South Australia.  I found that it
was quite a surprise to most people, and a good conversation starter, to see a
man doing embroidery.  (Mind you the fact that I was in full Elizabethan costume
helped too.)  I would usually sit myself right up against the rope that cordened
off the display, so that I could hold out my blackwork to show people.  I really
enjoyed these times and found it easy to talk to people once the ice was broken
with a smile or 'hello'.

Getting 'adopted' by the elderly ladies staffing the South Australian
Embroiderers Guild stall was an added bonus, 6 new Grandmothers for a day!


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