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Mon Mar 26 21:56:20 PST 2001

Thanks for your considered response to my query about the now-brown threads 
having possibly been red originally.  Although I can understand your 
arguments, I would like to say just a couple of things in response, not in 
argument.  One, I have seen complete brocaded tablet-woven bands that are now 
uniformly brown, so I am not sure that an argument that the threads in the 
quilt don't appear faded to be inconclusive.  But a stronger point, to my 
mind, is that brown is just not a color that you would think a medieval 
quilter would have used on such exquisite pieces of work.  Further, the 
singularly most popular color of silk thread, at least in brocaded 
tablet-woven bands, was red.  Of course, an analysis of the dye would solve 
the whole question!

Mistress Ingvild
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