HNW - Needle and fiber riddles?

Megan McConnell madilayn at
Tue Mar 27 00:20:33 PST 2001

Hi Andrew

I agree with you about doing embroidery.

I have found that whenever I am doing my embroidery at
a demo, I usually end up with quite a crowd of people
around, and end up giving a short talk on what I am

>From my experience in doing fairs and also in running
the Brisbane Medieval Fayre, the public LOVE to see
people actually doing something - especially if they
are willing to talk about what they are doing.

I also like to keep some "scrap" on hand so that
people can have a go at embroidery themselves.

And when I have time (in between writing embroidery
website, and research and other things) I will
actually go along and join the Queensland Embroiderers
Guild!  I've only been invited once every 3-4 months
or so!


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