HNW - Tristan quilt (long)

Karen karen_larsdatter at
Tue Mar 27 09:26:58 PST 2001

Nancy/Ingvild wrote:

> But a stronger point, to my mind, is that brown is just not a
> color that you would think a medieval quilter would have used
> on such exquisite pieces of work.

I'd have to disagree.  In this context, we're not talking about a piece
where color is the point -- it's the contours and outlines and shadows
on the white cloth that are bringing out the imagery.  Red (as well as
black) would be a distraction; brown (double running stitch, I think?)
allows for a strong but not overpowering outline.

Carole Roos (Mistress Alysoun de Roos of the Midrealm) did some work in
this style a few years ago -- there is a color photo of her work at


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