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Wed Mar 28 08:38:11 PST 2001

Dear List:

I could use some advice on a big, overly-long running project of mine that
I've nicknamed "Mucking  Huge Tapestry". Technically, it isn't a tapestry
--it's a canvas work replica of a 16th century tapestry done from a chart
by BURDA. I'm working it on 11 count aida (covering the surface) using all
6 strands of DMC floss. It's from a series of tapestries often referred to
as "Scenes of Courtly Life". BURDA charted several of them, and I am doing
"Embroidery". It depicts a noble lady seated, doing embroidery in her
garden, and a maid coming towards her holding a mirror.

The problem is: the chart specifies doing the work on Penelope canvas,
which allows for doing the hands and faces in petite point. Since I am
using 11 count Aida, 22 count is being used for these hand and face
details. (this is the count that works for the space).

My dilemma: 

1. finding a thin, even weave fabric 22 threads per inch. I'm using
hardanger to work out color problems, but it's too thick to applique in.

2. what do I use to deal with the raw edges of the detail pieces? What
little experience I've had with Fraycheck is that it leaves hard little
nubs. I was thinking of using a water soluable glue stick to keep the raw
edges in place long enough for me to embroider over the edges of the

This is going to be *quite* a headache. I have two more charts from BURDA:
: " A Mon Seul Desire" and "Hearing" (both from the Cluny series of Unicorn
Tapestries). I doubt I'll do both, and I checked. Neither have this hand
and face detail snarl.

I'd be so thankful for any advice. I've never done anything like this

SCA:  Kathryn Goodywn
"too many centuries...too little time"
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