HNW - Mucking Huge Tapestry

Lynn Downward ldownward at
Wed Mar 28 10:19:20 PST 2001

>Kathryn, have you tried to get 22 count waist aida?  Barring that, you might
>try to get the hands done, trim the fabric close and then work the area
>around it so that you cover the raw edges with stitching.  Does that make
>sense?  I know what I am trying to say, but don't think I am saying it.  
>Sorry, good luck!
>Never Give Up, Never Surrender

That was my thought too - to do the pettipoint first then cover the raw
edges with the 11 point needlework.  It may take some judicious tucking
down of the threads through the larger canvas before working however.  Kind
of fussy, but isn't petipoint?

Sounds like a wonderful project.  How long have you been working on it?

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