HNW - Mucking Huge Tapestry dibba at
Wed Mar 28 12:06:35 PST 2001


>  Dear List:
>My dilemma:
>1. finding a thin, even weave fabric 22 threads per inch. I'm using
>hardanger to work out color problems, but it's too thick to applique in.

Not quite sure if I'm picturing this correctly, but would a starched 
(or not, depending on the stiffness needed) piece of linen of the 
right count work?

>2. what do I use to deal with the raw edges of the detail pieces? What
>little experience I've had with Fraycheck is that it leaves hard little
>nubs. I was thinking of using a water soluable glue stick to keep the raw
>edges in place long enough for me to embroider over the edges of the

What I might try would be to cut the small pieces just a little 
bigger than the hole, use fraycheck on the very edges, place the 
small pieces so they sit behind the work - overlapping the hole, then 
after embroidering, cut off the fraycheck bit.

Hope this helps.



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