HNW - Books on Goldwork

Dorothy & Lou dotlou at
Wed Mar 28 06:24:24 PST 2001

These 3 books are the only ones listed for a Michele Roberts class I
took last fall.

Dawson, Barbara "The Technique of Metal Thread Embroidery"
	London, Batsford. c 1985
Lemon, Jane "Metal Thread Embroidery"
	London, Batsford. c 1987
Pyman, Kit "Gold and Silver Embroidery"
	Turnbridge Wells, Kent, Search Press. c 1987

You might notice that none of these references are recent (and since the
medical field frowns on anything older than 5 years) I asked about more
recent publications - everyone in the class agreed there isn't really
anything recent that is good as these. Guess it's reprint time!!

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