HNW - Mucking Huge Tapestry

Dorothy & Lou dotlou at
Wed Mar 28 17:56:12 PST 2001

Mike Newell wrote:
 doing the hands and faces in petite point. 
> My dilemma:
> 1. finding a thin, even weave fabric 22 threads per inch. I'm using
> hardanger to work out color problems, but it's too thick to applique in.

Perhaps you can up the fabric count and adjust the detail accordingly.
If you get up in the 40 count, you can still stitch it over two to give
the 22 count. 

Instead of applique on the surface, maybe you could weave the ends thru
the design and secure them on the back side. But you need to give your-
self wide margins. (short threads to weave with are a ...). That might
even work with the hardanger.

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