HNW - Mucking Huge Tapestry Jafath at
Wed Mar 28 20:33:16 PST 2001

After reading all of the responses that had landed at reading time <g> I went 
back and read the original post again. And I wondered why you needed to 
applique the small-scale areas at all. I solved a similar problem by  
treating the Aida as if I were working over two threads on linen -- and 
plunged my needle into the center of the "crossover" to divide it into four 
stitches where one had been. Granted, this isn't real easy (it's much easier 
with hardanger, but I gather it's a little late for that <g>) but it can't be 
more effort than working the slips, appliqueing them on, and hiding the 
edges. You'd have to use three strands instead of six, of course, and I found 
a huge darning needle a big help at getting that hole centered where no hole 
wanted to be.

Yes, I hate applique. In any textile or technique.

Jo Anne

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