HNW - Mucking Huge Tapestry

Helen A Honeycutt merch_a_mor at
Thu Mar 29 00:34:43 PST 2001

>The problem is: the chart specifies doing the work on Penelope canvas,
>which allows for doing the hands and faces in petite point. Since I am
>using 11 count Aida, 22 count is being used for these hand and face
>details. (this is the count that works for the space).

The solution. (possibly even a period one), is to cheat.  Find 22 or 24
Aida (they make it, but you have to look.  Stitch your details on pieces
about 2" larger than where they are going. Carefully unravel to one or
two threads from the work, pull the loose threads through to the back of
the original piece, and fill in to the edges with the original canvas. 
does this make sense? what you are doing is sort of grafting high count
canvas on top of low count canvas. It does work, I've done it, but for
some reason it is hard to explain!

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