HNW - Mucking Huge Tapestry

CarolynKayta Barrows kayta at
Thu Mar 29 00:17:39 PST 2001

>The problem is: the chart specifies doing the work on Penelope canvas,
>which allows for doing the hands and faces in petite point. Since I am
>using 11 count Aida, 22 count is being used for these hand and face
>details. (this is the count that works for the space).

Maybe you could do the detail bits on smaller canvas, then inlay it into
the rest of the piece.  That way the raw edges of both would be on the
inside.  If the inlay piece was positioned so that the threads in it lined
up with the threads in the rest of the piece, you could work up to the edge
of the detail bit in your regular count, like over two threads instead of
one, and do the detail bits in the smaller count.  You could sew the inlay
bit securely into place from the back by the edges sticking thru to the back.
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