HNW - Stonewall Shipping - metal threads amreid at
Thu Mar 29 14:54:36 PST 2001

when you bought your metal threads from Stonewall Shipping, did you buy a buoy
or Life Preserver at the same time...?

I took a walk down to Stonewall Shipping, and well I found it (although they
were closed).  I then stood on the footpath staring at a window display of
nautical flags and Life Preservers for 5 minutes with my jaw open... I did not
think I was in the right place, but there on the door it said 'Stonewall
Shipping' in nice big friendly letters (actually kind of small dark and mean
letters really).

I can only guess that they carry the threads for making the pretty bits on naval
uniforms or something?  Most curious.

Here I was thinking 'shipping' in the 'imports' sense, not that literally!

Sydney, Australia
(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)

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