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Sarah Randles s-randles at
Thu Mar 29 18:13:14 PST 2001

Andrew wrote:

>when you bought your metal threads from Stonewall Shipping, did you buy a buoy
>or Life Preserver at the same time...?

I *told* you it was wierd ...

>I took a walk down to Stonewall Shipping, and well I found it (although they
>were closed).  I then stood on the footpath staring at a window display of
>nautical flags and Life Preservers for 5 minutes with my jaw open... I did not
>think I was in the right place, but there on the door it said 'Stonewall
>Shipping' in nice big friendly letters (actually kind of small dark and mean
>letters really).

Yep, that's the one.  The most unlikely place to buy embroidery thread
ever.  Inside it was a tiny little office, reminiscent of the something
from film noir, and rather like the magazine I used to work for "The
Australian Printer and Lithographer" where we did all our paste-ups as
paste-ups, with glue, and blue pencil.  There was a little old lady who
could barely see and she opened tiny, dusty drawers full of gold thread for
me and sold it to me.  My only guess is that maybe she was running a
separate business under the auspices of a family business.  Who knows?  But
if they're still there, I'm guessing that they still have the same stock,
since I don't imagine that the embroiderers of Sydney have been beating a
path to their door, and if you're lucky they may be in such a time warp
that they haven't heard of GST!


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