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Thu Mar 29 20:22:05 PST 2001

Greetings and Welcome!

While I can't help out with the bed coverlets part, I have been working
for about a year on a table carpet in long-armed cross stitch, and have
a few books I referenced.  Here's the my two favorite books with
information on the subject:

Nevinson, John L. V&A Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery. London:
HMSO, 1950 reprint.  The plastes are sadly in black and white.  The
plate descriptions are very thorough, and include other places where a
piece has been written about.  The book itself is in two parts: the
first is embroidery for furnishing, the second is embroidery for
costume.  The furnishing part is where the table carpet parts are, but I
believe that there are bed hangings and such as well.  (It's not where I
can get to it right away.) Good bibliography.  Highly recommended.

Schuette, Marie and Muller-Christensen, Sigrid.  The Art of Embroidery. 
Thames and Hudson, London. 1964.  (There's another version out there
called the History of Embroidery published in (I think) New York.  Oh
wow.  If you've got the money, get one of these.  Out of print, but not
too tough to find if you're persistent.  Imagine two needlework
scholars, a camera, and access to the back rooms of museums, convents
and private collections all over Europe.  Turn that into 29 color plates
and 563 black and whites, with date, country of origin, materials,
technique, other published places a piece might be found, etc.  Are you
drooling yet?  I got a hold of a third or so generation photocopy, and
was so frustrated by the lack of detail on the plates (I just KNEW the
book would be better) that I went and forked over about $225 (a bargain
price for this book).  Extremely recommended.

Both these are in English, and should be of help!

 - Anne, Oerthan Book-a-holic

> maidenhair wrote:
> Greetings to All,
>     I am new to this list and hope to share and learn much.
> I am currently working on some german long stitch and long armed cross stitch.  Both of which are new avenues of stitching for me.  I like their simplicity.
> My next projects that I am gathering information on is long armed cross stitch bed coverlets and rugs.  Anyone no of sources still available in english.  Hahahaha.
> Just received my book from Joan sparey on Icelandic embroidery.  Very pleased.  Now if i could locate a copy of the Medieval Finnish coverlets and rugs.  I might be in Valhalla then.
> Maidenhair
> of Northkeep
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