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Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Fri Mar 30 00:28:33 PST 2001

Under Useful Info:

GripIt Plus now have slate frames available.  They used one of my RSN frames
as a protype and now have a 12" and a 24" version available ($65/79).  No
they don't have any fancy twiddles about them but they are sturdy and
workmanlike.  My students in Atlanta beta tested the two 12" prototypes and
they passed with flying colors.  Disclaimer - I have no pecuniary interest
or advantage in this product.  I'm just thrilled that I can now buy good
slate frames in the US at a decent price.  They aren't
on the site yet, but they are available for order.

Shamless PR:

I just bound the first 5 copies of our facsimile edition of Quentel's 1527
modelbuch (using Hiersemann's 1882 reprint from plates made at the Liepzig
Kunstmuseum)  It will be up on our site this weekend.  90 plates, high
resolution,  color,  digitized images printed on linen paper and spiral
bound.  I have included all the plates although we only have early
(50's/60's)photostats of a small portion of the plates.  Included is a short
bit of text on Quentel, the book and a smidge of printing history.  ($40 +
postage)  Blame some SCA folks for this facsimile - it's because of their
begging that I wound up with this huge project.

Linn Skinner
Skinner Sisters

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