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will definately see what i can do about that.

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> Greetings and Welcome!
> While I can't help out with the bed coverlets part, I have been working
> for about a year on a table carpet in long-armed cross stitch, and have
> a few books I referenced.  Here's the my two favorite books with
> information on the subject:
> Nevinson, John L. V&A Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery. London:
> HMSO, 1950 reprint.  The plastes are sadly in black and white.  The
> plate descriptions are very thorough, and include other places where a
> piece has been written about.  The book itself is in two parts: the
> first is embroidery for furnishing, the second is embroidery for
> costume.  The furnishing part is where the table carpet parts are, but I
> believe that there are bed hangings and such as well.  (It's not where I
> can get to it right away.) Good bibliography.  Highly recommended.
> Schuette, Marie and Muller-Christensen, Sigrid.  The Art of Embroidery.
> Thames and Hudson, London. 1964.  (There's another version out there
> called the History of Embroidery published in (I think) New York.  Oh
> wow.  If you've got the money, get one of these.  Out of print, but not
> too tough to find if you're persistent.  Imagine two needlework
> scholars, a camera, and access to the back rooms of museums, convents
> and private collections all over Europe.  Turn that into 29 color plates
> and 563 black and whites, with date, country of origin, materials,
> technique, other published places a piece might be found, etc.  Are you
> drooling yet?  I got a hold of a third or so generation photocopy, and
> was so frustrated by the lack of detail on the plates (I just KNEW the
> book would be better) that I went and forked over about $225 (a bargain
> price for this book).  Extremely recommended.
> Both these are in English, and should be of help!
>  - Anne, Oerthan Book-a-holic
> > maidenhair wrote:
> >
> > Greetings to All,
> >
> >     I am new to this list and hope to share and learn much.
> >
> > I am currently working on some german long stitch and long armed cross
stitch.  Both of which are new avenues of stitching for me.  I like their
> >
> > My next projects that I am gathering information on is long armed cross
stitch bed coverlets and rugs.  Anyone no of sources still available in
english.  Hahahaha.
> >
> > Just received my book from Joan sparey on Icelandic embroidery.  Very
pleased.  Now if i could locate a copy of the Medieval Finnish coverlets and
rugs.  I might be in Valhalla then.
> >
> > Maidenhair
> > of Northkeep
> >
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