HNW - Values of used books RowanA at
Sat Mar 31 12:34:13 PST 2001

As a newbie to all this, where can one find values of used books on 
needlework?  Can anyone tell me if the following was a good deal: at a small 
beachside used book store out here in California, which specialized in 
militaria and war books, I found a used hardcover copy of "American 
Needlework" by Georgiana Brown Harbeson (copyright 1938 by Coward-McCann, but 
obviously a reprint by Bonanza Books, no reprint date given) in excellent 
condition, with perfect dustjacket, for $10.  Right beside it was a 
trade-sized paperback copy of "Old-Time Tools and Toys of Needlework" by 
Gertrude Whiting (Dover 1971 edition of the original 1928 book "Tools and 
Toys of Stitchery"), in good condition (a few rubs on the cover) for $5.  
Both are very interesting books --  but do they have any value over and above 
what I paid for them?  Thanks for any insights!  :-) Mary 

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