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Dear Bjarne:

Try dealing with individuals rather than the institution,
"library". As a librarian, I deal better with people who
share information about themselves and what and why they
are doing what they are down. Be sympathetic with the rules
and regulations that they have to follow. Good luck with
your search. The book sounds wonderful.

Citadel of the Southern Pass, Outlands

--- Leif Drews <drewscph at> wrote:
> Dear Christina and all who helped me.
> Thanks a lot of your advises.
> It is at a library at the Museum of Decorative Arts.
> I usually comes there and i am allowed to borrow of their books. It is
> only because it is such a rare old book that i was asking questions for.
> But perhaps it is as you say that they have some reproduktions of a kind
> i could study in stead of the original.
> I know the museum has a photographer making things for the museum, but i
> think it would be much two expensive for me to ask him to make some
> photographs.
> I think i must go in to the library and ask them face to face.
> It is my feeling that the museum dont want anybody to have a look. My
> experience with the costume department at the danish National Museum is
> much more friendly.
> I have had permision from them to go and take photos of embroidered mens
> coats and jackets for the years 1770-80. They will take examples from
> the collection for me to study!
> Bjarne
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