[HNW] Embroidered Flowers

Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Fri Feb 1 07:42:32 PST 2002

I had such a wonderfull day, my sister came to visit me and we went
I found Helen M. Stevens "Embroidered Flowers" This is just the kind of
book i have longed for in a long time. Wonderfull, beautifull flowers
embroidered with silk floss. My embroidery can only become better, now i
can se how she place the stitches to the flowers, ...............
Another book i baught was Laurence Roque et Francoise Clozel: "Broderies
Indiennes" It has some wonderfull wreaths and garlands and also in the
same stitches i long to start working, satin stitches......
It is my experience that it is very hard to get them fine and sharp, but
i hope that praktise will improve my attempts.
I have started to make the right site of my embroidered 1770 jacket, i
baught the roller tilt frame from Barnyarns in Scotland, it is very fine
to use, but i can hardly waite to start making another jacket with other
flowers now :-)
Does anybody else have these books?



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