[HNW] (long) Getting in to see rare books

skinner02@sprynet.com skinner02 at sprynet.com
Fri Feb 1 12:10:17 PST 2002

h-needlework at ansteorra.org wrote:
> I can offer up this advice on gaining admittance to rare books in
libraries.  I managed to winkle my way into several while working on "The
New Carolingian Modelbook."


Good points all.  I have had better luck with European and English libraries than with those in the US.

The British Library makes life easy by providing an online form request for a reader's ticket that you can fill out and mail or fax to them.  They require a list of books you wish to consult which can be obtained from their online catalog along with specific shelf numbers, etc.

I've found more and more libraries are including research use requirements on their websites and make it much easier to inquire by e-mail or fax.


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