[HNW] Ducerceau

Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
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Yes if they have made a reproduktion of it, it surely would be the one i
wanted to study.
And yes i quite understand their consern that they want to preserve it,
but it would be a very good idea to make a reproduktion because nobody
has any use of a book that valuable, that noone could see. Is this the
case in other libraries? Do they make reproduktions maybe microfilms or
something of the old treassures?


Sara Galley wrote:

>I don't think it's so much that they don't want anybody to look, as that
>there's a conflict between the goal of spreading knowledge and the goal of
>preserving the resources.  Every time a rare book is opened, exposed to
>light, touched, and so forth, there's another chance for it to deteriorate
>further, so there's a very good reason for keeping those exposures to a
>minimum -- it's not just a sort of academic stinginess.
>You should definitely meet with someone on the library staff, preferably
>face to face, explain your purpose, offer any credentials you might have,
>and anything else that might help them to understand your serious
>scholarly interest.  References from the staff at the costume department
>of the Danish National Museum, since you've worked with them, might be
>useful, as they would confirm what you say about your scholarly interest,
>and also verify that you handle items with due care.  All these things
>will help the library staff see your request as being on the "knowledge"
>side of the scale, and not the "deterioration" side.
>Also, if they do have existing photographs or other reproductions, you
>should look at those first and see if they'll serve your purpose, so you'd
>never have to actually touch the rare book; I can't imagine the library
>staff having any objection at all to your viewing a reproduction if one
>exists, as the deterioration argument simply wouldn't apply to that.
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>>Dear Christina and all who helped me.
>>Thanks a lot of your advises.
>>It is at a library at the Museum of Decorative Arts.
>>I usually comes there and i am allowed to borrow of their books. It is
>>only because it is such a rare old book that i was asking questions for.
>>But perhaps it is as you say that they have some reproduktions of a kind
>>i could study in stead of the original.
>>I know the museum has a photographer making things for the museum, but i
>>think it would be much two expensive for me to ask him to make some
>>I think i must go in to the library and ask them face to face.
>>It is my feeling that the museum dont want anybody to have a look. My
>>experience with the costume department at the danish National Museum is
>>much more friendly.
>>I have had permision from them to go and take photos of embroidered mens
>>coats and jackets for the years 1770-80. They will take examples from
>>the collection for me to study!
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