[HNW] Embroidered Flowers

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Sat Feb 2 09:39:14 PST 2002

I don't, although they sound just lovely....I'm all thumbs when it comes
to surface embroidery, but oh, baby, give me monochrome embroidery, or
any of the pulled and drawn thread embroideries, and I'm in hog heaven
I'd like to learn enough (someday, in my copious amounts of free time
<g>) to do an 18th c. waistcoat, though....one of those highly
embroidered ones.  I'd modify to wear with modern clothing.....

Leif Drews wrote:
> Hi.
> I had such a wonderfull day, my sister came to visit me and we went
> shopping.
> I found Helen M. Stevens "Embroidered Flowers" This is just the kind of
> book i have longed for in a long time. Wonderfull, beautifull flowers
> embroidered with silk floss. My embroidery can only become better, now i
> can se how she place the stitches to the flowers, ...............
> Another book i baught was Laurence Roque et Francoise Clozel: "Broderies
> Indiennes" It has some wonderfull wreaths and garlands and also in the
> same stitches i long to start working, satin stitches......
> It is my experience that it is very hard to get them fine and sharp, but
> i hope that praktise will improve my attempts.
> I have started to make the right site of my embroidered 1770 jacket, i
> baught the roller tilt frame from Barnyarns in Scotland, it is very fine
> to use, but i can hardly waite to start making another jacket with other
> flowers now :-)
> Does anybody else have these books?

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