reproductions, was Re: [HNW] Ducerceau

Lynn Carpenter alwen at
Sat Feb 2 13:27:47 PST 2002

Leif Drews <drewscph at> wrote:

[snip] it would be a very good idea to make a reproduktion because nobody
>has any use of a book that valuable, that noone could see. Is this the
>case in other libraries? Do they make reproduktions maybe microfilms or
>something of the old treassures?

I don't know about needlework books, but the Michigan State University
library here in the USA maintains a collection of hundreds of books about
illuminated manuscripts, which are all reproductions of the original

Isn't this a wonderful idea?  When I'm Queen of the World, I'm having *all*
of those rare books reproduced  . . . at least, the ones that can handle
the exposure of reproducing them.  :)

Lynn Carpenter in SW Michigan, USA
alwen at

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