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Diane Sawyer tasha_medvedeva at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 02:21:56 PST 2002

--- Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at frys.com> wrote:
> >What I was wondering is, would it
> >be innappropriate for this to be done in cross
> stitch?  I figured it would
> >be easy for them to learn and fairly easy for me to
> design a pattern.  Is
> >cross stitch considered OOP?
> Cross stitch is fine, and documentable too.  The
> English did it, and the
> Germans and Italians did a lot of it.  Use even
> weave cloth with great big
> threads, and you might want to pre-wash it to soften
> it up, and make it
> look less like modern cloth.
> Kayta

Cross-stitch is documentable, but *counted*
cross-stitch is not, correct?  Maybe the lady could
make some sort of a transfer -- I used to love doing
stamped crewel and cross-stitch as a child.


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