[HNW] Question

Alexandria Doyle dragonlair at wireweb.net
Wed Feb 6 10:30:28 PST 2002

Have you considered another stitch, like chain stitch?  I taught myself this stitch when I was about ten, so it should be fairly easy to teach to children.  Draw the pattern on the fabric and have them fill in with rows of chain stitch.  I've always found it to go really fast.

>Greetings unto the list!
>I am Marsaili ingen Domnaill, Mistress of Children to the Barony of the
>Cleftlands in the Middle Kingdom.  This spring we are hosting Coronation>(the new King and Queen are from our Barony) in our Barony.  Whenever we>have had royalty at our events, I have always taught the kids a craft and>then we have proceeded to make a gift for the Royals.  For our new Queen, I>was thinking of having the older kids do a simple needlework pattern on>napkins--possibly the Midrealm arms or her own personal arms so that she>could keep it after her reign was over.  What I was wondering is, would it>be innappropriate for this to be done in cross stitch?  I figured it would>be easy for them to learn and fairly easy for me to design a pattern.  Is>cross stitch considered OOP?
>Thanks in advance!

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