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I just wanted to thank you all for your help and advice!  I'm thinking we're
probably going to use a chain stitch and probably a few other stitches--only
because I am trying to make this as easy as possible.  I plan on giving the
girls their projects to work on before coronation---but just in case we get
someone at coronation that would like to work on one, it'll be easy to learn
and quick to finish.  What I decided to do is to use HRM's arms, the shield
itself will be appliquéd onto the napkin and the girls will do the captain's
wheels and fleur de lys in needlework.  This way we can make more than just
napkins---have basket liners and other neat things that she can use.  Now we
just have to figure out what to do for His Majesty and his love of Medusa
Heads, LOL!

Thanks again to everyone!


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> > > Good jousting you guys!  And great info.
> > >
> > > MaryR
> >
> >I wasn't trying to "joust," nor be snarky, so if
> >anyone was offended, I'm sorry.
> I think she was complimenting us all on a flame-free exchange.  I wasn't
> offended.  And if you looked at modern cross-stitch cutesy-poos and
> they couldn't be period, you were mostly right.  Every country, culture,
> and time period that uses cross stitch does it their own way, and on their
> own cloth.
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