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amreid@qbe.com.au amreid at qbe.com.au
Thu Feb 7 13:40:07 PST 2002

Have you ever seen a book called "Fashion in Detail" by the way?  A friend of
mine owns it, so I can't quote you the exact details of the book until I visit
her next.

The entire book is close up colour pictures of details from 17th, 18th and 19th
century clothes (Pollonaise gowns, men's waistcoats etc).  Each chapter focusses
on a different topic, like buttons or pockets for example.  Some of the work is
*so* beautiful, and so unusual too.  One unusual item is a man's coat in
turquoise coloured fake leopard skin!

If you haven't heard of this before and want more details just let me know and
I'll check for the publisher etc next time I can get my hands on the book.

Sydney, Australia
(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)

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