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Hi Bjarne


I have had to make free hand drawings before and one technique which I have
found useful is to make up some paper with a grid (I use a one centimeter
grid) and photocopy some spares, then photocopy the same grid onto an OHP

Then when I am drawing it I put the OHP transparency over the picture in the
book and using the grid on the paper I can get a picture which is pretty
much to scale and the proportion of the original.

This is especially true for early period pieces who's perspective can be
very challenging to draw correctly as I have been taught to draw in humanist

Just thought you might like to know

(Chris d'Aquino)
St Florian, Lochac, West Kingdom

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>Bjarne wrote:
>"I got a reply from the library. I am allowed to come and se the old books,
>i am allowed to make freehand drawings of them.  Yuppie
>Congratulations!  Have a nice time, and if you find anything really
>be sure and let us know!
>Sydney, Australia
>(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)
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