[HNW] Missouri - Daniel Boone Time Period

Linda Jacobs ljacobs at coin.org
Sat Feb 9 09:30:00 PST 2002

I have asked this question in another forum and was directed here.  I am
researching needlecrafts that would have been practiced in St. Louis area
around the time of Daniel Boone.  This would be 1800 to 1820.  I am
wondering if crewel work would have reached St. Louis.  This was the time of
the Americans taking over from the French, so there would possibly be some
influence from both cultures.  There were about 1000 people living in St.
Louis at that time and it grew to 6000 or so over that time period.  One
source says that their was an influx of people from the New England area
also, but not much else is stated except that they were educated. So it
would seem possible....any other types of needlework?  I am mainly
interested in anything done with wool, and also the breeds of sheep that
would have been there.

Linda Jacobs

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