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To historians of needlework:
 I am working on a translation of Caesarius of Arles' Rules for Nuns in which
several  terms for Merovingian-era embroidery occur. Latin dictionaries and
the French translation of the Rules simply use the word 'embroidery stitch'
for all of them. As an embroiderer, I a not satisfied. I would appreciate any
help you can furnish in deciphering them or references to photographs/diagrams
of the stitches. They are:
1. acupictura - perhaps the same as 'needle painting'?
2. holoserica - some sort of embroidery in silk
3. opere saursurio - opus sausurium??
4. plumeria/plumaria - if this is to be translated feather stitch, would it be
the same as modern feather stitch?
5. polimitum/polumitum/polymitum
  I have tried Latin dictionaries and lexicons, standard lists of (modern)
stitches and
many works on the history of embroidery. Any new clues or sources would be
received with gratitude.
 Please reply directly to Maureen A. Tilley (University of Dayton) at
<Maureen.Tilley at notes.udayton.edu[1]>. Thank you.
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