[HNW] Merovingian needlework terms

Skinner Linn skinner02 at sprynet.com
Tue Feb 19 23:07:59 PST 2002

> 4. plumeria/plumaria - if this is to be translated feather stitch, would
it be
> the same as modern feather stitch?<

Opus Plumarium.  Work embroidered to look like feathers, not the modern
feather stitch with which it is often confused.  The term appears in 13th
and 14th century inventories and no one knows exactly what it means, but it
is generally thought to be either long and short or satin stitch.

Source:  Clabburn, Pamela "The Needleworker's Dictionary"

Sorry it's the only one I can help you with off hand.  I'm more of a 16th
century sort of embroidery historian.


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