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Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
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Michael you can use fell stitches. And using one thread is quite fine.
I use this when i make the hem of skirts and it holds very good.
Good luck


Michal McCullough wrote:

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> Hi to everyone on the list!
> I am poking my head out of my lurk hole to ask for some advice. I
> am(insanely)making a kilt for my ex(?)BF to wear to my friend's SCA wedding.
> (I know, pleated kilts aren't "period," but he thought the Great Kilt, my
> choice, was too complicated, which is why I am stuck doing this!) I'm mostly
> following the Folkwear pattern, which uses a lot of handsewing, mostly fell
> stitch. The problem is that my handstitching tends to be kind of
> higgeldy-piggeldy. The thought occurred to me that to keep the stitches
> uniform I could treat this like counted thread embroidery. *But*, one, my
> enthusiasm for embroidery of all sorts far outstrips my ability, and two, we
> are using a grey and black tartan.  So my question is: can you count threads
> on black ground fabric, and if so, how difficult is it?  Can I do this without
> going blind and/or ripping my hair out?  Also, I was looking at the illustrations
> of the stitch again, and it only shows a single thread being used.  Is this
> going to be strong enough? (I'm using quilting thread).  I'll admit that the
> h-pness of my stitches isn't quite as noticeable with just one thread, but I
> don't want his pleats to fall out!
> Thanks for any advice you can give me and I apologize if this isn't completely
> on topic for the list.  If anyone has used this pattern or hand-sewn a kilt
> before and has any tips or tricks they would like to pass on to me off-list I
> would love to hear them!
> Michal (just like the boy's name, but no "e")
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