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Robert Romberger jestar at webworldinc.com
Wed Feb 20 10:22:00 PST 2002

Michal McCullough wrote:

> Thanks for any advice you can give me and I apologize if this isn't completely
> on topic for the list.  If anyone has used this pattern or hand-sewn a kilt
> before and has any tips or tricks they would like to pass on to me off-list I
> would love to hear them!

    About 8 years back I adapted a modern kilt pattern with sewn in pleats to work as
a transitional kilt (somewhere between a great kilt and a modern kilt) for use at a
faire.  Following the pattern for the modern kilt was next to impossible (it assumed
that you had experience in making a kilt), so there was a lot of trial and error.  I
used pins to hold the pleats in, once I figured out how to do the pleating, then to
the entire thing to the sewing machine to sew in the pleats.  I recommend setting out
the kilt on the floor with a board or something similar under it so you can iron the
fabric flat.  Then once you have the pleats in and pinned, take the iron to it to set
the pleats before sewing - using spray sizing can help stiffen the fabric and further
set the pleats.  After I got the thing made I thought some of the iron in hem
material would have helped hold the pleats along with the sewing, but I've never made
another kilt to test it out.  A single thread should hold the pleats in, though you
may want to tack the pleats down in a couple of areas towards the belt line to make
sure.  If you sew the pleats in using a machine, set your stitch length to the
maximum and only sew the pleats up near the belt line.

    Depending on the type of wool or fabric you use for the kilt, it can be very much
a wash and wear kind of garment.  I break out the iron and dry iron only to reset the
pleats every so often, the rest of the time it is throw it in the washer on cold,
then air dry in the drier.

Robert "Jestar" de la Fonteyne
Adrian Empire Master of the Ether (Imperial Webmaster)

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