[HNW] long stitch

SNSpies@aol.com SNSpies at aol.com
Wed Feb 20 15:01:12 PST 2002

Hello to the list.

Are there any list members who remember a popular needlepoint/embroidery
stitch from the, oh, 70s and 80s called "long stitch"?  It was particular
popular for doing wall hangings, and I believe it may have originated in the
Scandinavian countries.  Is there any chance that someone on this list has a
book or instructions on this technique hidden deep in a file or basement?  I
would be eternally and embarrassingly grateful for any help with this.  You
understand, of course, that in a fit of cleaning frenzy many years ago, I
threw away just such a book.  And of course, I can not tell my husband
because he would spend the rest of our married life chortling and saying "I
told you so!" which would just be so unbearable.



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